"Hey, can you do me a drawing of GIR scaring Squee?"
“Huh. Here’s what you’re getting…”
Anonymous: i was staring at Endless Fantasys album cover and i noticed that the fucking pattern on the shirt are penises and vaginas. how old are you


how old are you that ur phased by that, it’s a swag shirt.

TITLE: UnknownArtificial Enemy
ARTIST: Unknown Hatsune Miku
PLAYS: Unknown1445
suspicious-stranger: I heard about the concert in that you're doing in Cambridge but it's 16+ and I'm 15. Is there any way I can still get in I've been waiting for a chance to see you guys :)


mmmm… the sinclair def seems like a venue that takes age restrictions seriously. i’d try one of these options:

1) sneak in there after the show on thursday night, while they’re throwing out the trash and bands are loading out. Then find a sick lil nook to hide in. Bring snacks + movies, backup battery pack… gonna have to spend about 18-20 hours hiding out. Wear camo + facepaint.

2) wear a LOT of Converse gear. The event is sponsored by Converse. Try and find someone in line for the show that looks old and get in line right after him. After he enters you’ll get your ID checked. Tell them that the guy before you was your dad and he owns Converse and he’ll be REAL mad if he hears about security not letting his daughter/son in.

3) just print out this pretty legit fake ID image

4) try calling the sinclair in advance? maybe they’ll let it fly with adult supervision? if it’s not a hassle to get there you can also just try walking thru the door and hoping security guard is bad at math. Just tell him you’re 16 and hand him an ID. If you’re born in the last part of the year there’s a chance he’ll just look at your birth year and assume ur bday already happened.

oh yea also everybody else reading this:

we r playing a free show in boston next friday (july 25). u gotta RSVP tho!!!!~~~

number 3 tho